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Preparing on kickstarter campagn

Sebastian Konończuk

October 24, 2023

Dive into the thrilling world of cybersecurity with our upcoming blog series centered on the preparation of CyberPRO for its Kickstarter launch. This series promises an unprecedented look into the cutting-edge technology that makes CyperPRO a game-changer in the realm of penetration testing.

Introducing CyperPRO Basic and CyperPRO Metal Limited Edition

CyperPRO Basic stands as the standard edition of the CyberPRO device, offering unmatched value in its class. It's available in three different packages: single unit, pack of 3, and pack of 5. The more units you purchase within a package, the better the deal you get:

Buy a single piece for only $109 and save $80. But, act fast! This price is limited to the first 500 units.

Missed the first drop? No worries! The next batch is priced at $119, letting you save $70.

The last tier is available for $139, where you still save a significant $50 off the standard price.

To provide some perspective, the standard retail price of the CyperPRO Basic device is set at $189.

CyperPRO Metal: The Ultimate Limited Edition

Exclusive to our inaugural Kickstarter campaign, the CyperPRO Metal version is an embodiment of luxury and performance. Limited to just 300 units worldwide, we've designated 250 units specifically for our Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers.

What makes the Metal version exceptional? It boasts a high-quality Aluminum casing, meticulously crafted using precision CNC machinery. Moreover, its unique design elements and details are all engraved, reflecting sophistication and attention to detail.

As for its price:

Secure yours for just $159 (save $70). However, this offer is limited to the initial 200 units.

Once the first batch is gone, the next 50 units will be available for $179 each.

Remember, the established retail price for this exquisite piece is $229.

And once the campaign ends, this limited edition won’t be available in our store – making it an exclusive treat for our backers.

Curious about the fate of the remaining 50 Metal edition units? We've reserved them for special occasions, contests, and fleeting drops on our official website.

Setting Ambitious Goals on Kickstarter

As we embark on this journey, anticipate in-depth interviews with our seasoned team members and an exclusive insight into the intricate development process. Join us behind the scenes as we navigate through challenges, celebrate triumphs, and explore everything in between. This blog series is more than just a narrative of our experiences – it's an invitation for you to become part of our burgeoning community.

With our impending Kickstarter campaign, we're extending an open invitation to enthusiasts and professionals alike, welcoming them to join us in reshaping the world of cybersecurity. Our Kickstarter goals are ambitious, reflecting our determination to bring you the best:

$50,000 Goal: This milestone will enable us to fully commercialize the CyberPRO product, ensuring its development continues.

$80,000 Stretch Goal: If we reach this mark, every Kickstarter order will come with a complimentary screen protector.
$120,000 Stretch Goal: At this level of support, we'll introduce new colors for CyperPRO,
allowing each backer to choose their preferred shade.
$350,000 Stretch Goal: As a token of gratitude, we'll include a custom-designed external antenna with each CyperPRO device.
$600,000 Stretch Goal: A lofty aspiration, but with collective effort, we aim to integrate AI into the device's software, providing optimization, script writing assistance, and installation guidance.

Stay tuned for regular updates and an up-close look at the excitement, groundwork, and ultimate countdown to the CyberPRO Kickstarter launch.

We invite you to be part of our mission to redefine the landscape of cybersecurity!